April 2 – Children’s Book Day #ChildrensBookDay

See Dick. See Dick Run. Run Dick Run. See Jane. See Jane Run After Jack. Run Jane Run. These words comprise some of the first words we ever learned to read on our own, and are recognizable to many people of many different cultures. Along with these tales are stories of the hungry caterpillar and the stories of the strange and wonderful creatures of the world of Serendipity. Children’s Book Day celebrates these and the thousands of other books that parents have read and shared with their children to encourage literacy, and stimulate the growth of their imagination.

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April 2 - Children's Book Day
History of Children’s Book Day

We all have our favorite books from childhood, ones that set the tone for our imaginations and that bring back memories of home when we remember them, and some small comfort when we run our fingers over the well-worn and loved spines of the stories of our youth. The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) founded Children’s Book Day in 1967. As an international non-profit organization promoting the importance of literacy and reading to our children, IBBY works tirelessly to promote Children’s Book and Authors, and organize events in schools and libraries all over the world to get children reading.


Children’s Book Day

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