Children’s Book Day – April 2 @ChildrensBookDay

Children’s Book Day – April 2 @ChildrensBookDay, Happy National Children’s Book Day history, information, photo, images and clipart for You.

Children's Book Day - April 2

Children’s Book Day

Children's Book Day Images

April 2 – Children’s Book Day #ChildrensBookDay

Children's Book Day

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What was your favorite story as a kid? Children’s Book Day encourages you to get it out and read it through again, maybe to your children or grandchildren. Walk down the paths of memory and think about all the times you heard these tales and what they mean to you. Was it the soft spoken voice of a grandmother reading you tales of high adventure with the Berenstain Bears? Or maybe Peter Rabbits exploits in Mr. McGregor’s garden were those that made you giggle and laugh as you were regaled with tales of the trouble he got into, the sneeze in the flowerpot, and the scattering of the beautiful buttons from his new jacket.

Children’s Book Day gives you the opportunity to take it out and relive it once again, and when you’ve finished reading it perhaps you’ll find its time to take this small microcosm of a world that’s contained within and pass it on to someone new. Schools and libraries accept donations of books and time during this holiday, taking in loved treasures that they might provide them to a whole new generations of readers. Spread the love of reading with a child on Children’s Book Day, and help foster the imagination of the next generation.

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