Have a Bad Day Day – Always November 19

Have a Bad Day Day is today… isn’t this just wonderful!?

As we began to research this day, we expected to find that this day was intended to recognize that everybody has a bad day once in a while.

Au Contrare!!!!

Believe it or not, Have a Bad Day Day was created to encourage us to wish people to have a bad day. The intent is to have sales people stop saying to their customers “have a good day”, and replace it with “have a bad day”.

At this point, we must remind you that we do not create special days or their meaning. We only report to you those that exist. And, this is truely the meaning and intent of this day, as stated by the creator.

>>> Have a Bad Day Day

Have a Bad Day Day

>>> November 19 – Have a Bad Day Day #HaveABadDay

So, in keeping with the intent of this day, we hope you Have a Bad Day!

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